How do I correctly label my uploads?

Its very important to label your uploads correctly. This helps us to maintain our very high quality of data and music catalogue, so please make sure you read the below before uploading and get your tagging right :P.

Original Tracks

For original tracks, make sure you put YOUR display name into the Original Artists field. Do not put any other artists in that field, UNLESS you have collaborated with them in making this original track.


For remixes, your display name must go in the Remix Artists field. Do not put any of the Original Artists in here, and do not duplicate your name into the Original Artists field. Track's will be deleted that incorrectly label remixes, as it can be seen as abuse of our system. For instance, if you remix one of Calvin Harris's song, he is the Original Artist, and must not be put in the Remix Artist section.


This is similar to Remixes, your display name must go in the Mashup Artists section, and none of the Original Artist's should go in the same field, only into the Original Artist's field.


Many people get confused on this section. The Original Artists here is for the artist/DJ that made the Mixtape, i.e. YOU. Do not put all the artists from the songs on the mixtape in here, there is a tracklist section for that.


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